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Did You Know...

Harden's was originally called Johney’s Jip Joint, owned by Johney Harden, and has been serving Tulsa since 1939. Tulsan's have loved their old-fashioned burgers that are freshly made daily and has a secret seasoning that you just can't get enough off.

Save Time

When hiring Hardens to do your catering, you're paying not only for the food itself, but also for the time you save from not having to run to the store and/or cook. This means you get more time to prepare for the event and less time stressing over accurate measurement conversions.

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Keep Everyone Satisfied

With the large menu Harden's has, there is something for everyone. From the classic burger to a chicken sandwich, salad, or hamburger steak. There are many choices so rest assured your guests will be happy!

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Let Harden's Do The Work

Passing the baton of food oversight to Harden's catering means that you don't have to juggle the roles of playing host and cook and waiter and clean-up crew all at once. Remember, the guests are here for your event. That should be both yours and their primary concern. Hiring staff to take care of the details enables you to be more mentally focused on the important details of the event.

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Catering for Your Tulsa Event


Have food catered right to your Tulsa office. Whether its a business park, employee appreciation, client appreciation, or just to say thank you to someone.

Special Occassion

Birthday, holiday, graduation, anniversary, house warming, late night parties, or brunch with friends.


Conferences, conventions, expos, photoshoots, or recruitment events.


Real Estate open houses, little league games, car shows, street fairs, block parties, concerts in the park, religious and ministries.

Why Harden's Catering?

Everything is made fresh daily, so no frozen patties or premade onion rings. Fresh meat is ordered every night. The onions are sliced by hand, dipper in batter, then breading and fried to a deliciously crunchy golden brown. Yum!

How It Works

Provide Us Details

Tell us when and where you want the food truck or catering to be.

Choose Your Menu Items

Tell us what menu items you would like to have at your Tulsa event.

Enjoy Your Food

Sit back and enjoy the delicious food that Harden's has prepared for you.

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